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Totem Animals scarabeo candle

The Totem Animals project was born from the collaboration between Clorophilla Studio and NIVA design.
The collection of scented candles is originated from a magical vision that combines different excellences of craftsmanship of the made in Italy to an
alchemical vision related to the theme and the materials used to create this original collection.
The subject is that of totem animals, symbols endowed with particular powers on which man has learned to rely, charging them with a very particular mystical value. Since ancient times the figure of the animal guide has been dear to various cultures around the world.

To each candle we have also matched a crystal. The properties of stones are many, the color that characterizes them, the shape, the minerals that compose it, the crystalline system, are all elements that give the mineral a precise vibration. Each crystal therefore has the ability to work on a psychological and spiritual level in a very specific way.
spiritual level in a very specific way

Each package contains a handmade ceramic jar with the representation of a totem animal, inside the jar a scented candle made in a historic waxworks in Florence. Also included in the kit are a candle extinguisher made with lost wax casting in brass, a pack of matches and two coordinated postcards that tell the story and characteristics of the totem animal and the crystal on the candle.


The Centoia Aurata is a beetle belonging to the Scarabaeidae family. The scarab is an animal with a deep symbolic meaning. In ancient Egypt it was revered for its association with the Sun.
It is the only component of the animal kingdom that moves following the stars, walking in a straight line and orienting itself through the light emitted by the Milky Way.
According to Egyptians, the scarab was a symbol of resurrection, there are traces of its symbolic value also in Ancient Greece, Etruscans, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and also in the findings of objects and writings of early Christians.
Besides being a symbol of resurrection it is also a symbol of change, improvement and transformation.
change, improvement and transformation.
It symbolizes life and death, the changing of each of us in the course of existence.
In these terms it is a perfect subject to symbolize one’s resilience and adaptability. Its connection to the Sun makes it a benevolent symbol, of protection from evil and darkness. The Centoia Aurata is also a good luck charm that can bring wealth and economic prosperity.
This insect infuses security and strength in the Soul ready to travel in its interiority is also the bearer of new lifeblood in the brave Soul that accepts its mission and is ready to live it. It is considered a magical animal for its vast capacity of inner awakening.
The scarab passing from earth to air, from darkness to light, is placed as a guide in the search for higher truths.
Invoke this totem if you are looking for your way both on an earthly and spiritual level. Its medicine is the


This quartz is recommended to all those people who wish to promote inner peace. To those who feel the need to find the right balance between their emotions.
Rose quartz works on the human psyche, helping the person to accept even the most difficult changes, especially those resulting from emotional separation. It gives comfort and helps to open up to love, despite past suffering.
It increases compassion, tolerance and generosity. It is a stone that gives calm, dissolving tensions and leading the person to feel at one with the Universe. It is no coincidence that this mineral is also considered the heart of Mother Earth.
Rose quartz is considered an excellent ally for those who have begun an introspective journey and are interested in their personal development, especially on a spiritual level.


ROSSOFIAMMA: clove, pine, orange, paciuli, cedarwood, amber, incense

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