NIVA’s design project was born in 2018 in the small workshop of a house in the heart of Florence, where a new quest began: to search new and personal ways of understanding and reinterpreting interior design.

This story begins with the renovation of what will become NIVA’s studio

The peculiar structure of this house, in particular, the number of doors, provided the inspiration that gave birth to the first door handle collection.

Behind each door is an authentic and original space, a world unto itself with its own rules and characteristics.

The door handle becomes a special tool, a sort of “key” to access these worlds. The door handle is the object that allows us to open and close a door, however, it is also an opportunity to enjoy a new tactile experience, a simple action that unites us with the object itself.

The handle acquires a “magic” power, one that allows access to another world.

These worlds are filled with imaginary elements that inspire the collections of NIVA design.

Aside from door handles, knobs, wallpapers and mirrors, every year, NIVA design introduces new product categories inspired by the combination of sculpture, shapes from imaginary worlds and nature.

Everything is possible in NIVA’s world.

NIVA design offers also tailored consultancy services for interior design, furniture and accessories.



NIVA design offers an original and varied collection of luxury designer door handles and knobs, with a wide choice of shapes and finishes.

Our door handles have unique shapes that give an original and precious little twist to your surroundings.

The door handles and knobs made by NIVA design have original textures and shapes that will accompany you through the house with a unique tactile experience.

Everyday objects are transformed into sculptures and thus acquire new meanings.

NIVA offers a wide collection of design knobs suitable for all types of furniture.

Their unusual shapes are reminiscent of unexplored worlds filled with mysterious charm.

Each knob is a unique piece made by hand by bronze and brass casting.

NIVA design door handle is a precious object made entirely by hand with handcrafted techniques.

All the production phases – from the initial design to the last finishing touches – are carried out in Italy, in collaboration with the best local artisans

studio laboratorio niva design florence
studio laboratorio niva design florence


Between Stylist Design and Italian Functional Sculptures

The goal of NIVA design is to make only top-quality and original products.

Great emphasis is placed on the research of materials, production processes and finishing.

Behind each object, there is plenty of passion, attention to detail and care.

The partnership with our craftsmen, with whom we always establish a strong personal relationship, is crucial. We believe that the expertise and tradition of all Italian craftsmen should be preserved and their knowledge handed down over time. After all, they represent our most precious heritage.

All our products are completely handmade in Italy.


Materials and techniques:

Bronze and brass lost-wax casting

Aluminum sand casting

Wood milling from solid

Handmade gold leaf finish

Hand-colored finishes

High-quality varnish

Ceramic and porcelain productions




lavorazione maniglie di design realizzata con fusione in alluminio
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