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Totem Animals polpo candle

The Totem Animals project was born from the collaboration between Clorophilla Studio and NIVA design.
The collection of scented candles is originated from a magical vision that combines different excellences of craftsmanship of the made in Italy to an alchemic vision related to the theme and materials used to create this original collection.
alchemical vision related to the theme and the materials used to create this original collection.
The subject is that of totem animals, symbols endowed with particular powers on which man has learned to rely, charging them with a very particular mystical value. Since ancient times the figure of the animal guide has been dear to various cultures around the world.

To each candle we have also matched a crystal. The properties of stones are many, the color that characterizes them, the shape, the minerals that compose it, the crystalline system, are all elements that give the mineral a precise vibration. Each crystal therefore has the ability to work on a psychological and spiritual level in a very specific way.
spiritual level in a very specific way

Each package contains a handmade ceramic jar with the representation of a totem animal, inside the jar a scented candle made in a historic waxworks in Florence. Also included in the kit is a candle extinguisher made from brass lost wax casting, a packet of matching matches and two postcards that tell the story and the characteristics of the totem animal and the crystal on the candle.


The animal spirit of the octopus carries within it the ability to achieve anything one desires in life.
The Octopus represents the ability to act in a direct way in all those situations where there are many difficulties. It gives determination and strength to the Soul that guides and protects. It is the bearer of self-awareness and of one’s own talents.
The Octopus, also known as the Octopus, is a cephalopod mollusc belonging to the Octopodidae family. Inhabitant of the abysses, it loves to live at a maximum depth of 200 meters, preferring seabed rich in rocky crevices within which it can hide. As an invertebrate animal, its movements are agile, rapid and cunning, dictated by a great intelligence and ability to develop strategies. In this regard, it is able to spray externally a black ink, used as a defensive technique towards possible predators.
The octopus is a symbol of dissimulation, mimicry, renewal, adaptability and intelligence of the heart. It is able to deceive the enemy by being able to camouflage itself by changing color.
The octopus has three hearts and, metaphorically, invites to put the heart at the center of everything. Equipped with eight tentacles, on each of which there are a double row of suckers, in case of danger, it is able to dispose of one of its extremities, so as to be able to move with greater agility. Symbolically, it invites us to strip away everything that is no longer useful and prevents us from moving forward into the best version of ourselves. Thus, just as the Octopus is able to recreate his amputated tentacles, man is able to change and renew himself deep inside.


Occhio di tigre: according to some medieval legends, the tiger’s eye is able to defend its owner from demons and evil spirits. Its reflexes are similar to those of an eye and therefore it is believed to act as a protector of this organ.
The tiger’s eye can support the process of introspection and personal growth. It can also promote the awakening of Kundalini energy.
Tiger eye stimulates the deepest desires and is one of the best stones for meditation. Its golden reflections vibrate with the highest chakras and help to connect with the divine, feeling a sense of unconditional love. Desires will then no longer seem unattainable, whether of a spiritual or material nature. It is a stone that gives abundance in every sphere of life.


OLTREMARE: star anise, eucalyptus, mugwort, lily of the valley, rose, wildflower, violet, paciuli, cedarwood, vetyver, sandalwood

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