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Totem Animals pavone candle

The Totem Animals project was born from the collaboration between Clorophilla Studio and NIVA design.
The collection of scented candles is originated from a magical vision that combines different excellences of craftsmanship of the made in Italy to an
alchemical vision related to the theme and the materials used to create this original collection.
The subject is that of totem animals, symbols endowed with particular powers on which man has learned to rely, charging them with a very particular mystical value. Since ancient times the figure of the animal guide has been dear to various cultures around the world.

To each candle we have also matched a crystal. The properties of stones are many, the color that characterizes them, the shape, the minerals that compose it, the crystalline system, are all elements that give the mineral a precise vibration. Each crystal therefore has the ability to work on a psychological and spiritual level in a very specific way.
spiritual level in a very specific way

Each package contains a handmade ceramic jar with the representation of a totem animal, inside the jar a scented candle made in a historic waxworks in Florence. Also included in the kit is a candle extinguisher made from brass lost wax casting, a packet of matching matches and two postcards that tell the story and the characteristics of the totem animal and the crystal on the candle.


The peacock represents the beauty of the soul, it is in fact an indication of union between the individual and the divine. Traditionally the peacock is called the bird of a hundred eyes, so much so that symbolically its wheel would represent the entire universe with planets, stars and galaxies.
The Romans called it the bird of Juno because its colorful feathers similar to many stars represented the celestial splendor. In the esoteric dimension it alludes to the totality and cosmic deployment of the spirit. It is the sacred animal of the warrior god Kartikeya because it feeds on serpents, animals that evoke the passions of the flesh and the attachment to time.
This totem enhances self-esteem and confidence in one’s qualities. Calling upon its energy brings out both external and internal beauty. It has always been a symbol of transmutation.
The peacock is able to heal the wounds suffered by the soul from humiliation, devaluation and unfounded criticism. As the peacock ingests the poison of snakes by eating them without repercussions on its body, so this totem transmutes the humiliations suffered in positive energy.
The peacock is a symbol of birth, growth and maturation.
It represents purity, integrity and nobility of spirit and generally announces the solution of a problem.


Hyaline quartz: the Mayans used rock crystal to enhance their rituals. The Greeks drank Ambrosia in beautiful goblets of rock crystal, the Australian aborigines identified quartz with mabain, the substance used by wise men to obtain and enhance their powers. Hyaline quartz has always been considered one of the magical minerals par excellence. Rock crystal is the mineral that best helps us to investigate the spiritual level. It is a perfect conductor of energy. On a psychic level, hyaline quartz brings balance. The tips of rock crystal are considered “energy scalpels”. That is to say that in crystal therapy with these tools you go to work in a very precise way on the human aura. Hyaline quartz can also be used with immense satisfaction in meditation. It amplifies the experience elevating the person to higher stages of consciousness. If you use it with hematite, you will get a good experience of rooting. It increases clarity on an emotional level, especially when meditation with hyaline quartz is combined with mantras or prayer.


ROSSOFIAMMA: clove, pine, orange, paciuli, cedarwood, amber, incense

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