January 26, 2022

Nicole Valenti



Christmas Candles 2021: all the scents (good) of the holidays

If we asked you what Christmas smells like, everyone would certainly give a different answer. The celebration that is par excellence linked to childhood, when the olfactory baggage of each of us takes shape, is more than ever associated with the memory, of a moment, an emotion, a pleasant sensation, which is often surprised to find as adults, often by chance, in the accord of a fragrance, in the aroma of a dessert or simply in the atmosphere always a bit ‘special holiday days.

To rediscover those reassuring emotions, at home, Christmas candles become faithful companions of the season, even for those who usually do not use them. Halfway between the world of beauty, because of the affinity with the jus of the fragrances of the heart, and that of home decor, are perfect gift ideas and satisfy any nose, in search of the most expensive perfumes.

They return, for example, as every year, the limited edition signed Diptyque, sold alone or in a box. This year’s trio includes Flocon, an olfactory transposition of snow with its mix of mosses and mimosas, Biscuit, spicy as year-end sweets, and Sapin, which evokes the mountain forests.



Totem Animals

The project conceived and developed by the artist illustrator Clorophilla (Ludovica Basso) and designer Nicole Valenti, with her studio Niva Design provides a collection of scented candles that combines different artisan excellence of Made in Italy to an alchemical vision. The subject is that of totem animals (beetle, peacock, octopus), symbols with special powers on which man has learned to rely, charging them with a very special mystical value. Each candle is accompanied by a candle blower/sculpture and the ceramic vases that contain the candle are handmade by one of the most historic ceramic workshops in Cutrofiano.

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