January 26, 2022

Nicole Valenti



AD Loves Talent: the new designers who are making their way in Italy


A female company born in 2018 in the small workshop of a house in the heart of Florence. The house is the one full of magical symbols and ex votos of Nicole Valenti, designer and architect (with her in Niva there is also Francesca Zulberti, marketing manager). Nicole, who was born in Bolzano and has travelled all over the world in search of feminine myths and archetypes, is a creative with a dreamy soul but a practical spirit: she designs the collections (alone or with other designers), follows the production process and takes care of communication. With Niva, she has concentrated on handles and knobs, everyday objects to which no designer had ever given such great importance: handles, together with switches, are among the most “touched” pieces in the home. Thanks to Nicole’s sensitivity and an in-depth study of shapes, textures and finishes, these “common” objects are enriched with new meanings, in a new sensory experience, as seen in the “Coral” and “Shell” models and in the “Birds” and “Black Forest” collections, made of brass and bronze or wood.

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