March 3, 2022

Nicole Valenti



NIVA design realizes the cover image of the new podcast of Dolcenera

NIVA design had the pleasure to participate with the cover image to the project of the cover of the new podcast “A song a story” psychography of a female artist, created by Dolcenera.
It is an alchemical journey through the lives of singers who have made music history.
The life of these great women is told in a psychological and philosophical vision, we talk about Human Being and Soul, Person and Genius, Individual and Daimon and Music.

The image of the cover represents a Goddess with two faces to describe a woman who tells another woman. The figure of the Goddess, is inspired by a Bulgarian statuette dating back to 5000 B.C. with the net motif on the belly that is placed in the water symbolism as embryonic substance and source of life.

Don’t miss this fascinating and intimate podcast you can listen to it by following the link ✨

Listen to the podcast

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