Functional sculpture by NIVA design

April 2, 2021

Nicole Valenti



Functional sculpture by NIVA design

The functional sculptures of Nicole and Jacopo are born in Florence

Florence, as we know, has been the cradle of art and craftsmanship for centuries.

It is therefore no coincidence that the NIVA design creative laboratory was born within the walls of a Florentine house.

What is needed is a functional sculpture

Nicole was born in Bolzano but has lived for some time in Florence, where she attended the Academy of Fine Arts and the International School of Comics.

Her passion for art and her fervent imagination led her to design a line of objects and furnishing accessories together with the sculptor Jacopo.

Each object is followed by the designers at every stage of its production. Nicole and Jacopo like to define their works as “functional sculptures”, that is everyday objects that combine the practical aspect with the sculptural one.

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