nicole valenti designer and founder niva design
Nicole Valenti NIVA’s designer

Nicole Valenti was born in Italy’s South Tyrol in 1984. She moved to Florence where she graduated in Decoration from the Academy of Fine Arts, with a major in multimedia arts.

Immediately after graduating, she won a scholarship and a tenure at the Academy of Florence as a Decoration Teacher.

Her background and experience range from scenography to graphics, sculpture and even photography.

While the innate passion for spaces brings Nicole to the design of furniture, objects and accessories. Despite she never lost her connection with the world of the arts.

In 2018, she founded NIVA design: an atelier that develops design products in collaboration with the best and most renowned Italian craftsmen.

The item that best represents NIVA’s world is certainly the door handle, which is reinterpreted, drawing inspiration from natural and mysterious worlds. The handles offering original textures and tactile experiences. Everyday objects that are transformed into sculptures and acquire new meanings.

Aside from arts, Nicole never stops nurturing another life-long passion, shamanism. She expands her knowledge of both this and other related topics, making several field trips around the world.

The dreamlike world is one of the hallmarks that has always inspired and accompanied Nicole. Through her dreams, Nicole manages to give life to imaginary worlds and dimensions filled with precise elements and shapes that become real projects.

Driven by a strong curiosity, she seeks to meet “the stranger” and hence new ideas and life inspirations.

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