NIVA design for Arredativo

April 4, 2021

Nicole Valenti



Conversation about Design

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Interview with Nicole Valenti

NIVA design on Arredativo. The studio is an operational reality in the field of design that we told you about some time ago, when their sculptural handles were selected by the editorial staff among the 2017 Must Haves of

NIVA design is a project conceived by the designer Nicole Valenti and the sculptor Jacopo Candotti. Both are born in Bolzano but the brand has its headquarters in Florence.

For our excursus on design in Tuscany we met Nicole Valenti, who told us the story of NIVA design and the choice to create a design project starting from the Tuscan city.

How does your artistic training influence the design of the collections?

Surely the influence of artistic training affects our approach to design.

First of all from a production point of view more aimed at craftsmanship than industrial design.

Secondly our methodology develops in an analog way. we make the prototypes using the classic techniques of sculpture. We start from a ceramic or wax model that allows us to make plaster molds giving life to the original piece from which our collections are developed.

Ours is a production process with a “sartorial” flavor.

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