Exhibition Homeworks

Exhibition Homeworks Esercizio numero 5

edited by Samuele Menin

with the collaboration of Giulia Ratti

Participating artists: Simone Berti / Sergio Breviario / Jacopo Candotti + NJ Interiors / Mirko Canesi /

Guendalina Cerrutti / T-Yong Chung / Ornaghi and Prestinari / Alberto Scodro / Nicole Valenti / Jonathan Vivacqua

In our daily lives it happens more often and automatically to isolate ourselves from the surrounding world.  To get lost in our tablets and mobile phones by consulting social media, watching videos, listening to music or playing solitaire with digital cards; performing a myriad of actions in solitude, in an exclusive relationship between us and our electronic “friend”.

We should therefore be used to the intensity that an exclusive experience dedicated only to ourselves can have, I use the conditional because the actions described still maintain their natural virtuality.

The experience that awaits you when visiting this fifth round of Homeworks will be quite different and more physical, one of the most difficult exercises faced by our artists / students, usually accustomed to not asking themselves the problem of the number of direct users of their works, in implicit desire that their creations be seen by the greatest number of people at the same time and that here they found themselves having to think about the exact opposite.

Il progetto

Galleria Arrivada

Post by Nicole

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